The Control Lab

Established 2013

5860, Ste C, Hollister Ave, Goleta, CA


Where else can you buy retro games in the Santa Barbara area besides The Control Lab? Nowhere! The Control Lab is a hybrid video gaming space located in Goleta, CA. Visit us during our open hours - or by appointment. Occasionally we will have tournaments and events! Check our calendar or Facebook page for more details!

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  • Wednesday - Saturday
  • 12pm - 7pm
  • Sunday
  • 12pm - 6pm


  • 5860 Hollister Ave., Suite C
  • Goleta, California
  • Behind Family Discount (99 cent store)
  • Turn on Magnolia off Hollister and make the first left into the parking lot

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Project 01
We Buy Video Games

We are Santa Barbara's best destination to sell all new + old media and video gaming products!

Project 02
Don't call for a quote...seriously

We have to see what we are buying! Would you blindly buy a used computer or a cell phone without at least seeing the condition of what you were buying? Make sense? OK! Plus, the value of your stuff goes up or down from week to week, so all offers we make are good for 24 hours only!

Project 03
We Also Fix Your Games & Systems!

The Control Lab not only provides the best value on video game trade-ins, offering store credit or cash for your classic systems & games - we also are a full service and diagnostic provider for all systems. Simply stop by our store and we will test and give you the best trade in value on your retro games and consoles.

Some random gamer guy

"Working with The Control Lab was an unique and rewarding experience, except for that Grant guy, he kinda sucks"


  • What we carry:
  • NINTENDO and beyond!
  • Sega Master System, Genesis, Dreamcast
  • Nintendo NES, SNES, N64, Gameboy
  • 3DS, Wii, Wii U, Switch
  • Sony Playstation 1, 2, 3, 4, PSP, Vita
  • Microsoft Xbox, XB360, XBOX ONE S
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  • What we buy
  • VIDEO games
  • We like to share our wealth of
    Knowledge and Selection with our customers!
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As a team we work to bring you high quality research materials for your work! If you have any questions or requests please email us!

George Diaz


George is a technical wizard of all electronics and repairs, his knowledge of gaming and computing is heavier than a ton of iridium.


Myra Diaz


Head Researcher



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